Founder’s Vision Statement

I was inspired to form the Nyman Foundation because of a records mix-up at my District Health Unit. A media panic sparked by an outbreak of measles in Ontario prompted the District Health Unit to send my family a letter giving us just a few days to present our daughter at the District health unit for an MMR vaccination. We were also told that if we failed to comply, our daughter would be expelled from school.

The problem was that my daughter had already received the vaccination in question only a few months previously.

This problem was further complicated by the fact that the Sudbury District Health Unit had no records of any vaccinations, and had determined to give her a Meningococcal ACYW-135 vaccine at the same time. The fact was, my daughter had received this vaccine and had experienced an adverse and potentially very dangerous reaction to it. Our family physician had warned us to take particular care to manage our daughter’s vaccinations and to watch those specific ones.

We ended up enduring ridicule as anti-vaccination nuts and seemingly endless complication with bureaucratic enquiry before the whole matter was finally straightened out a few weeks later. Our District Health Unit tracked down the errors in my daughter’s immunization record, and we worked together to correct them. This cooperation and understanding led me to believe in our Health Care System even more.

My daughter is fully vaccinated according to the mandate set forth by the Province of Ontario, as am I. Sometimes unforeseen things happen in our lives, and we’re glad to have the rights we need in place to aid and protect us when we need them. We’re also grateful for the efforts that our District Health Unit has taken to support my family.

However, our experience lead me to really look carefully at our system of vaccination, at the risks that vaccination entails, and at what systems are in place to protect people when unforeseen circumstances lead to illness or injury. I was shocked to discover that there is no real safety net for vaccine recipients in Canada. While illness and adverse reactions are rare, they do happen, and Canada is one of only two countries in the G8, (Russia is the other), that has no mechanism of recourse for when things go wrong.

Parents in particular often have no resources to help them understand how best to protect their children, and even less help when things go wrong, as happened to one woman I spoke with, named Amanda.

Her son experienced severe brain seizures as the result of an adverse reaction to a vaccine, and now has to be monitored continuously. There is no supporting organization, or grants agency, or special funding to help her. There are no public education campaigns, or fundraisers, or coloured ribbons for people like Amanda. She’s completely on her own – as are hundreds of other families throughout Canada.

I decided that this needed to change, and that’s why I created this foundation.

The Nyman Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing support for persons who have suffered illness or injury due to unforeseen adverse reactions to vaccines. We are actively seeking sponsorship or donations from Government, Corporations, and Individuals. The purpose of this organization is to provide advocacy, support, and education for vaccine recipients in Canada. Our primary mandate is to assist those that have had unforeseen injuries due to vaccines.

The money we raise will be used to create a transparently administered fund to help support these persons by defraying uninsured medical costs; providing financial support due to lost wages; providing rehabilitative support, and in some rare and unfortunate cases, providing help with funeral costs to persons who currently have no one to turn to for help.

It is our hope that by providing this support we will help to increase public confidence in Canada’s vaccination system while addressing a real need.

Vaccines are an essential part of our lives. They have aided humanity in surviving some of the worst viral outbreaks.

However, as with any other factor in life, there are sometimes unforeseen illnesses and injuries due to vaccines, and the fallout from these injuries is every bit as real and as devastating as the illnesses that our system of vaccination was created to prevent.

Every year in Canada, despite the best practices of both vaccine manufacturers and health care professionals, a few individuals will sustain serious harm and bear the burden of this harm without compensation. It is simply good ethics to provide compensation for the injuries sustained, which frequently include lost wages, uninsured medical costs, rehabilitative supports, and in some rare and unfortunate cases, funeral costs. We want to be there to assist those in need. This is a much-needed program in Canada.

Our head office will be situated in Sudbury, Ontario. As we grow, we plan to expand to all Provinces and Territories in Canada. While we will be establishing a fund for vaccine recipients, we also need start-up funds to help defray our immediate costs, which include office accommodations, legal support cost, accounting costs, research, and travel costs to meet with clients.

Please help support this wonderful initiative!

Mark Nyman
The Nyman Foundation


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