About the Nyman Foundation

picture of young girl being vaccinated The Nyman Foundation is a start up not-for-profit corporation.  We are actively seeking sponsorship or donations from Government, Corporations, and Individuals.  The purpose of this organization is to provide advocacy, support, and education for vaccine recipients in Canada. Our primary mandate is to assist those that have had unforeseen injuries due to vaccines.

The money we raise will be used to create a transparently administered fund to help support these persons by defraying uninsured medical costs; providing financial support due to lost wages; providing rehabilitative support, and in some rare and unfortunate cases, providing help with funeral costs to persons who currently have no one to turn to for help.

We will also be providing support for public education initiatives about how to manage the risks associated with vaccines and the health benefits of vaccines and public vaccination programs.

We are not an anti-vaccination organization. Vaccines are an essential part of our lives.  They have helped humanity to survive some of the worst viral outbreaks in history and they have nearly eradicated many terrible and crippling diseases.

However, as with any other factor in life, there are unexpected unforeseen injuries due to vaccines.  Every year in Canada, despite the best practices of both vaccine manufacturers and health care professionals, a few individuals will sustain serious harm and bear the burden of this harm without compensation.  It is  simply good ethics to provide compensation for the injuries sustained, which frequently include lost wages, uninsured medical costs, rehabilitative supports, and in some rare and unfortunate cases, funeral costs. We want to be there to assist those in need!  This is a much needed program in Canada.

While we want people to be educated about the risks and benefits of vaccines, we are determined not to contribute to the hysteria and unfounded suspicion that so often attached to them. It is our hope that by providing a service of recourse for those few persons who do experience adverse reactions to vaccines, and by steadfastly promoting their benefits to public health, we will succeed in building a strong foundation of public confidence and support for vaccination programs in Canada.

This is a much-needed program in Canada, which remains one of only two nations in the G8 to have no mechanism of recourse for persons adversely affected by vaccines.

Our head office will be situated in Sudbury, Ontario.  We plan to expand to all the Provinces and Territories throughout Canada as our organization grows.

At present, we are also actively raising start-up funding for basic operational costs, recruitment, and necessary legal costs.  We would be grateful for any support that you can provide. If this is a matter of concern for you, we urge you to get involved, and join our cause.