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For Vaccine Recipients in Canada

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We are Advocates for Vaccine Recipients

Canada and Russia are the only G8 countries with no mechanism of support
for when unforeseen injuries happen due to vaccination.
We hope to change that.

We are not anti-vaccine. Vaccines are an essential part of our lives.
They have aided humanity in surviving some of the worst viral outbreaks.

However, as with any other factor in life, there are sometimes unforeseen injuries due to vaccines. Every year in Canada, despite the best practices of both vaccine manufacturers and health care professionals, a few individuals will sustain serious harm and bear the burden of this harm without compensation. We want to be there to assist those in need.

Our Goals and Mandate



We provide advocacy on behalf of vaccine recipients.

Canada is one of only two G8 countries with no support for vaccine recipients. We're working to change that, and to put safeguards in place for Canadians in need.



We provide support in cases of unforeseen injury or illness.

Our mandate is to provide direct material support for persons suffering from adverse reaction to vaccines, including financial support, medical treatment, and rehabilitative support.



We provide public education about vaccines and vaccination.

We want to increase public confidence in vaccines while helping parents to become more aware of risks. Vaccines are an essential part of our lives, and have provided real benefits, but it's important to learn how to recognize and minimize risks.


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